New Friends at Juniper Hall


Yesterday marked the arrival of the latest additions to Juniper’s growing menagerie: five Rhode Island red hybrid hens. They’re now happily installed in the chicken run constructed last year by Jason and Robbie. The animals were sourced by our own Sarah Bradford, and this step is the first in a longer-term plan to showcase the rare Dorking breed of chicken.

Dorking is of course our nearest town, and the Dorking chicken is its symbol, being visible all over the town, from statues on roundabouts to door knockers. We think it would be great to have a few of these animals at Juniper Hall. The breed was introduced to Britain by the Romans early on in their invasion, so it’s an old breed for Britain. But Dorking hens are expensive, so we’re starting with the Rhode Island hens to learn how to look after them before we take the plunge!


We’re quickly learning how inquisitive and adventurous they are, and how high they can jump. So far they’ve provided us with two eggs… hopefully the first of many.

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