Spring Family Day, Fan Mail and other Happenings


Last weekend saw the second of our themed family days, the Sensational Spring Family Day. Again, the schedule featured a line-up of fun and educational activities, including a treasure-hunt around the grounds, a walk on Box Hill and lots of natural art.

Also this month, Jason, one of our education staff, received a rather unique thank-you letter that managed to name-check all the topics the group covered during their geography-themed trip to Juniper Hall. To quote from this singular document:

‘We thank you for opening the low flow of our minds…

A for rebranding our hearts…

As well as flooding the banks of our exam-techniques.’

Well done Jason! Definitely the oddest thank-you letter of the year so far, but most certainly as welcome as any!



Ramsons, or Allium ursinum, has been growing about the grounds of Juniper Hall this month. When crushed between your fingers, the leaves should give a thick garlic smell. I have been using this a lot in my cooking lately, but be careful not to mistake it for other plants that are similar but poisonous (such as Lords and Ladies when it’s young). Be sure to test for the garlic smell before cooking!


Myosotis, or forget-me-not, has also been making a welcome appearance about the grounds.