January at Juniper Hall

Welcome to the blog for the Juniper Hall Field Centre! It’s January, and all the staff are getting back into the swing of things as schools return to us after a (brief!) reprieve over Christmas. Once again the corridors and grounds of the house are full of the sounds of waterproof clothes swishing as students prepare to head off into the great outdoors.

Aside from some occasional cold days, it’s been mostly an uncharacteristically warm winter here in the south of England. Both December and January have been extremely mild, and nature has responded to these conditions. I’ve seen honeybees and bumblebees buzzing about, and snowdrops and other plants have been seen flowering about the grounds too. All in all, there’s a general feeling of spring in the air.

A slightly damaged red admiral butterfly feeding on a yellow crocus

We are also very excited about several new staff members who are going to be working at Juniper Hall from next week, but you’ll have to wait until then to learn more about them!